• Where is your office location? Are you centrally located for quick access?
  • We operate from a, real “bricks and mortar” centrally located office downtown, one block from the LRT, and have been in the same address for over thirty year. Stability is important to us
  • Are you licensed, bonded, insured?
  • Yes, We have to be bonded and are through RECA (reca.ca) and also comply to strict financial controls and governance requirements for which we are audited annually
  • How quickly do you respond to tenant calls?
  • Mostly within the same business day
  • Do you have a 24/7 response service and who pays for emergency calls?
  • Yes we do have a 24/7 emergency response service and it is answered by a live person (not a machine). There is no extra charge for this service at this time.
  • Do you provide property insurance If needed?
  • Yes, we have a good master policy
  • Do you provide monthly operating statements?
  • Yes, electronic or hard copy monthly operating statements are sent out promptly on the tenth business day after month end, together with copies of all invoices
  • What is your track record in retaining tenants?
  • Our tenant retention is currently (in a poor market) at 82%, where 82% of our existing tenants are renewing and staying with us because they like our management style. Our longest term tenant has been with us for 23 years. We only work on lease ( no month to month tenancies) and our average tenancy is 3.4years. More than 98% of our tenants find us fair, equitable, respectful and responsive.
  • Are you lease-driven and why?
  • Leases provide stability, which provides good economies both for the home owner and for the property. Moves create greater wear and tear on a property. We do not service transient tenancies or short term leases at the outset but may extend an existing lease for a shorter term to accommodate an existing tenant that may not need a full-year extension.
  • How do you select tenants?
  • We are very diligent in our tenant selection process. We conduct credit checks, landlord and employer verifications, etc. We only select tenants that we think will succeed and have no hesitation in rejecting unsuitable tenants.
  • What is the leasing fee charged for?
  • This helps cover the cost of processing the application with a thorough credit check, landlord check and other checks to verify suitability of the tenant.
  • How do you select your Clients (owners)?
  • We meet and talk with all clients to determine their objectives. If their objectives align with our management style and philosophy, and we are able to provide real value to them, we will have a positive match and a successful outcome. If not, we advise prospective clients to seek alternate sources. We are scientific in our processes. Our success rate is extremely high because in partnership with our clients, we are able to determine realistic objectives.
  • Do you have a good connection with reliable and cost-effective tradespeople?
  • Yes, we pride ourselves at being good employers and have engaged many good, reliable, honest and diligent tradespeople for many years. Our tradespeople are often our best ambassadors for new business because they enjoy professional and respectful associations.
  • Do you conduct property inspections?
  • We call them Annual tenant visits, which are conducted at no charge to the client.
  • Do you market your properties effectively?
  • Our motivated team holds a twice weekly workshop to discuss the dynamics of the industry and to ensure we remain ahead of the rental market and current rental trends.
  • Why should I select you over your competition?
    • Competitive management fees
    • Leasing fee that includes a guarantee
    • Canadian non-resident Income tax treatment.
    • We only manage properties in the Calgary area
    • Professional management with thirty years track record of success
    • Fixed fees, no mark ups
    • No set up fees
    • No inspection fees
    • No hidden extras
    • Strict tenancy standards. We screen before we engage tenants
    • Regular and prompt monthly statements and proceeds to clients
    • Licensed, bonded, insured, educated, trained and diligent
    • Constantly aware of market condition and work with realistic management standards
    • We work for your success
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