Amhurst Property Management provides comprehensive consulting services for prospective real estate investors, condo boards and not-for-profit organizations. Real estate investing offers excellent opportunities for financial growth.

Property Management Advice

Services are available for investors who have portfolios and seek management advice about their holdings and how to improve overall performance.

We begin by helping them to identify their current issues. Our professionals then recommend strategies that will help solve their problems and take them to the next level. We also work with distressed rental properties and condo units.

Condominium Consulting

Condominium management requires a unique skill-set and depth of experience to deal with the complexities of condo operations. Our complete services include consulting for Condominium Corporations in disarray or distress. We advise self-managed condominium corporations.

Not-for-Profit Resource

Amhurst has broad experience working with not-for-profit organizations that own/operate buildings. We understand the unique nature of their structures and operational needs. We are particularly adept at providing property management, revenue planning, staff planning and other advice. We can also provide input into property-bequest issues.


We offer training seminars and programs about the fundamentals and protocols of professional property management. Since 1982 investors have benefited from our knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our company founder Saadat Keshavjee teaches post-secondary and industry courses and has been a keynote speaker at industry conferences throughout North America.

Consulting Expertise

  • Distressed property that does not perform up to expectations
  • Property managed by other firms but does not produce results
  • Portfolio assessments, especially real estate that needs disposition or acquisition
  • Trust management of estates, custodianship or "power of sale"
  • Dysfunctional real estate

Do I Need a Consultant?

There are many situations or circumstances where a Self-Managed Condominium Corporation or a Self-Managed single-family, multi-family or industrial/commercial property owner may need to seek the advice of a qualified Property Management Consultant.

Request our free Report to help you identify when you may need to hire a Property Consultant.

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